Southern Concrete MaterialsBlog

To our Valued Customers:

Southern Concrete Materials wants to keep you updated as to supply shortages in raw materials used to produce ready mixed concrete. In this case, flyash is currently in very short or no supply at all in many of our market areas.

Flyash is a byproduct of coal fired power plants; these plants have been taken off line by Duke Power for scheduled maintenance or emergency shutdowns. Coal powered plants have been subject to new government regulations and in some cases the utility company is deciding to take these plants off line permanently or to allow conversion to natural gas which burns cleaner than coal. The future of using flyash in concrete could be in question, we urge you to contact your state and federal legislators in support of recycling flyash in concrete.

As SCM as no control of these material sources and we are forced to pass along the increased cost of supplying cement only mixes. This is an additional cost of $4.00 per cubic yard. Our suppliers tell us flyash should be more available after the first of the year and when available the cost savings of using flyash will be passed along to you.

Please take advantage of this notice to make necessary adjustments and notifications to your customers.

Again, we appreciate your business and remain committed to providing you a competitive advantage through superior service, quality and innovative products. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can be of service to you.