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We at Southern Concrete Materials are committed to having the best Safety Program possible in our Industry. In our pursuit of Safety, we have created a Total Safety Program that has been infused into every layer of Management and Employee Relations.

Our employees are aware of just how important safety is to our overall operation, and all employees participate fully in the Safety Program. There is no excuse for sloppy or risky behavior. For this reason, we REQUIRE training and licensing in particularly dangerous activities such as Forklift Operations, Boom Truck, or Confined Space Operations.

Every employee and supervisor is rewarded with promotions, pay advances, and position advancements consistent with their safe operation of on the job expectations. Safety is part of everything we do and all employees know of its importance in our daily operations.

From the moment prospective employees fill out their Application for Employment and take their Safety Self Test, they know the importance of their own good safety record and its impact on their possibility for employment.

Once employed, the employees will be trained in both classroom and on-the-job training atmospheres for safety and attention to detail in their everyday duties with the company. Those who fail initial training or lack the attention to detail required by the company will be terminated from employment during their first year.

Our Safety Program is very comprehensive, and requires leaders at all levels to have safety toolbox talks, weekly safety meetings, and twice yearly formal training sessions held OFF SITE where all employees are updated on all the most recent DOT and OSHA regulatory changes and requirements.