Residential Concrete Supplier

DIY Concrete Projects 

Small enough to listen. Big enough to deliver. Southern Concrete Materials is  committed to the success of our residential customers – whether they build large subdivisions or a single house a year. From apartments and townhouses to remodeling jobs, we bring the expertise that ensures high-quality jobs that go smoothly. We try our best to respond quickly to customer needs.

An integral part of our service is providing ways for residential customers to manage costs. Our plants are located across Western North Carolina and Northeast Georgia so we can provide cost-effective solutions to our customers. And our high quality means the homeowner is happy with the finished job – which is, of course, essential to the homebuilder's long-term financial success.


The SCM Difference

Sustainability: Southern Concrete Materials, Inc. strives to maintain our core values and follow sustainable guiding principles in our business endeavors.

We will strive to protect our environment by always using appropriate technology, and being considerate of the natural world surrounding our places of work.

Economic Development: We will sustain economic integrity for the society in which we operate by supplying quality raw materials at a fair market price and by fostering societal growth through the use and development of our products.

Safety: We will maintain a safe and enjoyable workplace for all employees, customers, local neighbors, and visitors by enforcing a code of business ethics and continuing to exercise equal opportunities for all those incorporated with us.

Relationships: We will continue to build and foster good community relations by maintaining an open-door policy in all our dealings with local government, public works organizations, and neighboring parties.

Legacy: We value our position as a legacy business, one that has contributed in many ways to the growth of our region. We will continue to leave a positive legacy through excellence on product and service.